Welcome to Smarty Ears! The new age of digital marketing companies, doing SEO the right way. It’s no lie that SEO agencies don’t have much trust and for good reason, unfortunately to begin with it was a very experimental industry and a number of companies got burnt. We always suggest that if you completely rely on your website for your business then an aggressive SEO approach is too risky, even in today’s market when things are more stable and the algorithm is more manageable things go wrong!

We pride ourselves on doing SEO the right way, that means we minimise the chance of doing something that will jeopardise our client. We having a scale of aggressive SEO to more passive SEO, there is always a strategy that will be more applicable for each business. If your website is brand new then you can afford to and would benefit more from an aggressive SEO strategy. Whereas if you are already a large website and are looking to keep your rankings stable and increase over time then a passive approach is great, focusing more on content and other factors.

Being based in Brisbane for 15 years has really allowed us to understand the business market. Having worked in multiple industries over the years allows us to have a really good idea of the things that work and don’t work. We are generally focused on SEO clients that are based in the greater Brisbane region. We know this area and we are confident we are the best Brisbane SEO agency, giving your business the best chance.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) gives your company the best chance to be seen online. Search engines such as Google are where people generally go if they are trying to find something. Making sure you are top of the search engine for your industry keywords. Controlling these rankings is something we’ve become very good at, especially for the Brisbane region. It is our mission to provide the best service in Brisbane and we are pretty confident we do.

If you are interested in learning more about our services, contact us today.

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